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The magic fairy tree at Noordhoek common

Level 3 lockdown has had us not venturing out much and mostly avoiding anywhere crowded.

Brent has been doing the shopping in the malls and for the most part Hamish and I have just spent the last 2 weeks within our home or taking the occasional stroll around the block.


Yesterday was just too much for Hamish and he woke in tears, missing his family, his friends and the animals we usually see over the weekends.

I was heart broken.

Lockdown laws

Throughout the lockdowns we have been relatively unaffected and for that I am eternally greatful but the announcement of no playdates and outings for Hamish has finally been too much.

Our usual beach visits or park trips have been halted and we are avoiding the more popular attractions in Cape Town due to fear of the virus.

Break free

So, yesterday when I saw the fairy tree on a fellow blogger, Hearts and Hickups, Instagram post I knew we were going to grab our masks, shower in sanitiser and break free from these four walls to find it.

Noordhoek common

I messaged for directions last night and this morning Brent and I made our way into Noordhoek.

New in the Southern Suburbs we are still discovering the local gems and this is certainly my favourite.

The Noordhoek commons is almost opposite the Noordhoek farm villiage and is a wide open grounds perfect to kick a ball around and picnic.

As we entered the first thing we noticed were the horses in the centre of the field and the people walking dogs.

Unlike so many beaches and parks in Cape Town I was glad to see those people we came across today who were walking dogs here had them on leashes.

Several other people were walking in the common and there were many young families with children running about.

Although there were other people, the space was large enough for us not to have to come into contact with others at all.

Walking trails

After watching the horses for a while, Hamish found a small foot trail that we followed as it wound around past some more horse paddocks and little streams.

With no one anywhere around we let Hamish take off his mask and enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air around us.

Fairy tree

The highlight of our visit has to be the magical fairy tree that someone has taken the time to create.

The little fairy who lives here seems to be named Rubik according to the name on the handle of his little red door.

He has a hammock to lie in, the cutest postbox and a swing to keep him busy.

We were also glad to see he got his clean washing up on the line before going out fishing.

Hamish was mesmerized and kept knocking on the door until I showed him the “gone fishing” sign.

He then wanted to search the streams for the little fairy…..

To the person who created this little piece of wonder, Thank you for helping to keep the magic of childhood imagination alive.


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