The Monkey and the crocodile by Sindiwe Magona

Title : Monkey and Crocodile

Author: Sindiwe Magona

Illustrator: Susie Appleby

Publisher: EthnikiKids Publishing

A sweet tale about a monkey and a Crocodile. The good hearted monkey knows that sharing is caring and so shares his bananas with the hungry Crocodile and so they become friends.

One day the Crocodile offers to show the monkey his world and takes him far from his tree only to let him know that he won’t return home as the Crocodile king needs a monkey heart to prevent him from dying.

The quick thinking monkey then trucks the sneaky Crocodile into taking him home.

This is a sweet story and highlights the importance of staying calm and thinking smart if you are in trouble.

The illustrations are fun, expressive and on point. It is easy to tell the story from the pictures alone and for little ones this makes it easier for them to retell the story back.

We love this book and can see us reading it often.

This book was not sponsored

Photos: Fun mamma SA

Recommended age: 3-8 years

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