The odd socks project

The odd socks project caught my attention when I walked into a local charity shop and saw a sign saying ” Odd Socks Collection Point”

I was immediately curious. Who wants odd socks? And what for ?

What is the Odd sock project?

The odd sock project started towards the end of June 2019, and has in 3 months,collected over 9000 socks to date.
And with more than 50 collection points nation wide, and the public’s enthusiasm this number of single socks will keep escalating.

What do they do with the socks?

The socks are collected and sorted by size and fabric to make a  unique and  funky pair of socks to donate to the homeless, who can not afford socks.

How to get involved

It costs nothing to support this fantastic organisation and their drive to repurpose items we would have thrown away.

Simply donate all those single, lonely socks who no longer have a partner to a collection point near you.
The website has a map of areas where you can find a collection point closest to you.

You could also become a sock collection point or join their team of volunteers by signing up on the website.

For more information contact

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