Things I never thought I would say as a mom

A few months ago we got – actually let me rephrase that – Brent got Hamish a snake. Oh my slithers have I entered an entirely new dimension of the parenting realm with this creature.

Here are some very real Things I never thought I’d say as a mom ( even after raising 6 adult kids) that I have found myself blurting out….

1. No you can not sleep with the snake
2. Put that near me and I’ll fry it for breakfast
3. Do not kiss the snake
4. I don’t know if snakes love humans ( mumbling but I doubt it)
5. No! I do not think your pet is cute. He’s a snake!
6.Get your snake off the table please.
7. You can not take the snake outside without an older person ( who is not me)
8. Go get a frozen mouse to defrost please
9. Have you checked the cage for snake poo
10. If it’s hissing don’t touch it
11. No thanks I don’t want to cuddle your snake
12. I don’t know if snakes can understand English
13. Of course we can give your snake a mouse cake for his birthday
Currently, the snake and I have a love-hate relationship and I try to stay clear of it at any cost. As for Hamish he still cuddles the slithery thing like a teddy bear.
This may just be the child that turns me grey …send help or a snake catcher. lol

4 Replies to “Things I never thought I would say as a mom”

  1. Look, I’m with you on these creatures – not a fan at all! Jason will have serious marital issues on his hands if him and Noah ever came home with 1 but how cute is Hamish’s face in that photo with the snake around his neck? He looks so chuffed with life!

  2. That’s mommy life for you Judy kkkkkkkk but as for the snake mmmm I doubt I would sleep knowing it’s slithering somewhere in the house but I guess there is a first time for everything right kkkkkkkk
    Hopefully Hamish is having a great time with his pet
    Its beautiful though

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