Things to consider when remodeling your bathroom

When we look at new homes to rent, the first two places I look are the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Our current home has the most amazing bathroom attached to our bedroom with a rounded Tub enclosure that sold us on the house.

We have also just viewed so many properties as we consider moving and the bathrooms are really much more important to future tenants than many home owners believe.

Yesterday, we stepped into an ancient home, decorated post 80’s with a stained and cracked bath tub , old medicine cabinets and no shower. This automatically prompted us to consider renting a much smaller space with a more modern and comfortable bathroom.

So, as a home owner what important points should you consider when remodeling your bathroom, especially if you intend to rent the property later?


The style and look of a bathroom is very important. No one wants a dark or outdated look, even if the room is only used for functional hygiene purposes.

Because we use a bathroom to clean ourselves, we want the room to represent a crisp, clean and hygenic space.

White is usually a good colour or colours that represent water or nature.


A spacious bathroom that is not cluttered is also much more appealing.

I once rented a flat with a guest toilet that was so small you couldn’t sit on the toilet and close the door. A friend once rented in a home that had no space between the bath, toilet and door so even having a laundry basket in the bathroom was just too full.


A bathroom that contains a bath, shower, toilet, basin, cabinet to hold toiletries and mirror is usually the best.

Having everything in one space allows you to use the room to it’s maximum functionality as well as keeping clean and organised.

Bathtub or shower?

I’m a bathtub girl, because I love to soak in a hot bubble bath after a long day and escape the kids even if just for a half hour.

As mom of young children I relied on the bathtub to wash them and it was an absolute non negotiable for me.

When living on my own however I was happy with just a shower and during water restrictions we actually only used the shower.

Personally though I think a home with 2 or more rooms, where children are most likely going to stay, should have a bathtub.

So to me, a bathroom remodeling should include a bathtub, especially in a home for families.


Tiles are the easiest to clean and are the most durable when it comes to water leaking, splashing and mould.

Products like a commercisl or homemade mould remover can easily be sprayed to remove any mould that may come from poor ventilation.


With hot water, your bathroom is liable to become quite steamy and if you live in an area prone to damp this becomes a breading ground for mould.

Having a decent sized window and or a ventilation fan can assist with this and allow air to circulate through the room.


There is an array of accessories you can add to personalize or brighten up your bathroom. Things like modern shower heads,towel warmers, toilet roll holders, mirrors and small cabinets.

These are easy to replace and allow you to change the look of your bathroom each season with just a few rand.

With a great plan and several new accessories you can remove your bathroom to be both beautiful and functional.

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