World Environment Day and a beach clean up

Yesterday was World Environment day and Hamish and I spent the morning doing our last beach clean up in Kommetjie.

We are no strangers to beach clean ups and if you’ve been following us for a while you will know that pre-covid we did as many as we could get to.

Hamish has grown up alongside the beach and aside from teaching him to admire and love the ocean and her beautiful creatures I also want to instill in him a responsibility to do his part to keep the beaches clean and protect the animals and sea life that relies on us not contaminating the environment.

Kommetjie Beach is most likely one of the cleanest beaches we have ever cleaned and yet you will still find plastic straws, lolly sticks, cigarette butts and chip packets among the sand and kelp

Normally we would use gloves to collect the dirt, but we know this beach and it seldom has dangerous items or filth so I was comfortable with us not using gloves. At other beaches, i will insist both Hamish and I are wearing gloves.

If you are new to a beach clean up, gloves are mostly provided as well as bags to collect the dirt in.

Yesterday, after our beach clean up we were gifted beautiful reusable glass water bottles from Consol.

Consol have an initiative to join and support several beach clean ups to show their commitment to natural, sustainable packaging. They are calling on you to be the change and change to a more sustainable lifestyle

By using more glass, we limit the amount of plastic that reaches our Oceans.

Did you know that in 30 years time we will have more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Knowing this and how much my son loves the ocean how can I not be part of the change?

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