Today I choose to sit on the floor

Yesterday we chose to go shopping with Bear.

Papa stood in the Diskem queue waiting to get some medicine as I took Bear down the toy aisle.

We gazed over the cars. Spotted some soft toys and cartoon characters Bear knows and then we spied , lying low on the last shelf a treasure of books.

Bear and I both sat down , crossed legged and first grabbed a Barney book to browse through.

Behind us moms walked past, glancing at us in an odd manner…

Have you never seen a mom sit on the floor I wanted to ask.

Granted I’m sure most moms won’t plonk their mommy bottom on the cold tiles of a mall shop to read to their child but I did.

We looked at Barney and Paw patrol. We saw Mickey mouse and some bears telling time. We traced the beanstalk on Jacks cover and pressed the buttons on a talking Disney book.

After a few seconds I stopped noticing the people passing by. I was so engrossed in discovering all the wonder on Bears face as he picked up each new book.

We had been sitting for about 10 minutes when Papa came to call us.

He was finished and ready to pay. Bear and I picked up the book we were reading and placed it back neatly on the shelf.

As I stood up I saw a much younger ( than me) mommy ushering her adorable little girl past us.

The mom looked at me and in a serious whisper said ” We don’t sit on floors ”

I wanted to answer, sarcasm halting abruptly at the back of my tounge but …

I just smiled!

No , YOU don’t sit on floors but I do .

I choose to make memories with my children all day every day. Sometimes to do that I need to see the world from my child’s eyes and other times I need to sit on the floor.

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