Toddler massage with Mai Co baby massage oil blend

Mai co sent us a bottle of their handmade calming baby massage oil blend to try on Hamish and I’ve been using it once daily after his bath and before bedtime to calm him.

This blend of natural essential oils and herbs has been an enormous help in getting him settled after a long day at school and setting a calming routine for us as he adjusted to going back to school.

There are many benefits of massage with your baby and toddler. Not only does massage calm your child but it assists with the bonding process, improved circulation and with the use of essential oils you can assist in keeping your child healthy and active.

Frederick Leboyer said …”It is through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate.
Touch is the child’s first language, understanding comes long after feeling”

Hamish loves his massage time and whilst there are many methods on how to massage your toddler and baby I would suggest finding a routine that works for you both.

We lay a muslin blanket down in a quiet room with no noise or some soft classical music playing and start by smelling the bottle of lavender and camomile oil blend.

Lavender and camomile both have natural calming and soothing effects. The scent is refreshing and not too overpowering so you could safely use this on baby aswell.

Then I rub some of the oil between my hands to warm it and rub it on Hamish. First his tummy, arms and legs and then his back.

The oil is not at all sticky and spreads easily. You use such a little that a bottle will last some time.

He is totally relaxed and usually in a better mood by the time we’ve finished.

Often I will just do his feet if I can see he has had a very bad day and is struggling to regulate. Then he joins me doing my feet as I do his. Although he ends up tickling me more than massaging and we collapse laughing.

I found this chart quite helpful in understanding where to apply a bit of pressure.

Mai co baby massage oil blend can also be safely used for cradle cap and skin care.

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