Why I’ll be supporting the Checkers little shop campaign

By now you would have seen that Checkers are launching their amazing learn through play little shop collectables today.

With 35 different mini sets to collect you will build your own building block shop.

I’m in love already.

For every R200 you spend you will receive one set to start your collection. (This is a bit more expensive than both the previous mini shop and mini garden but I feel totally worth it.)

Each set contains :

  • Building blocks
  • Instructions
  • Stickers

You will need to purchase a starter kit, for which I was unable to find a price.

This kit contains :-

  • Building plans and floor layout blueprints
  • Mini figurine
  • Base plate
  • Walls
  • Shelves
  • Stickers

On the Checkers website you can watch the tutorials of how to build your shop, counters, freezer, shelves and even the groceries. Perfect for mom’s like me who really need to follow the instructions when building with blocks.

Of course every store needs a delivery truck and Checkers have a special truck set ready for purchase at R69.99

It looks really cute and I already know that this is the first thing I’ll be buying to add to our shop.

This year Checkers have outdone themselves with a kit that is both appealing to girls and boys. This is a collectable that is not just going to be thrown at the bottom of a toy box or hidden in a box up in the cupboard.

These building blocks can be used for hours of play, are educational and along with the wonderful learn through play downloadable ideas on their site can encourage family bonding. To learn more you can watch here

Happy collecting

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