Toi magnetic alphabet box – Review

We are always looking to make learning fun, and I’m excited to add this Toi magnetic box alphabet from Fun Living RSA to our homeschool classroom for hands-on spelling lessons

This on the box contains

✨️ Built in magnetic board with squares to assist with letter spacing.

✨️104 letter tiles in upper and lower case

✨️26 alphabet tiles, which will not only assist in teaching the alphabet but also in learning those first spelling rules as your child is able to copy the words,thus developing the connection between letters and words and building that eye- hand co-ordination

Hamish loves this, and it’s designed to take the tears out of spelling homework and add that element of play in learning.

Learning through play is still such a critical component in foundation phase learning ….after all, play is a childs work.


🎁Look out in December as we will be giving away one magnetic alphabet box to a lucky kiddy.


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