Toys R Us Launches Toy Registry with Nifty Piggy Bank Savings Tool

Toys R Us has launched a toy gift registry with a piggy bank savings tool just in time for the festive season.

“Holiday wish lists are far from a new concept, but we’re trying to simplify the process,” says Catherine Jacoby, Marketing Manager at Toys R Us. “Combined with our annual catalogue, ‘Geoffrey’s Big Book of Toys,’ we’re hoping that parents and children across South Africa enjoy the magic of Christmas.”

“For most kids the biggest toy trends hit the top of their lists but the pressure every parent feels surrounding the festive season is sometimes overwhelming, therefore the toy registry and piggy bank savings tool is a nifty way for us to help alleviate some of this pressure,” she explains.  “Kids love making Christmas wish lists, we wanted to make it convenient for parents and family and fun and interactive for kids.”

“A gift registry gives parents, friends and family members a convenient way to co-ordinate gift shopping as well as for kids to have fun creating their wish lists and sharing it with their families,” she adds. “Creating a registry whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion will ensure that your kids can create their wish list, learn to save and have their wishes fulfilled.”

What’s more, she says that this year as part of Toys R Us festive Top Toys campaign, one lucky child can win their registry to the value of R20,000. They can build their Christmas gift registry in three simple steps in-store or online and be in line to win.”

“The newly launched piggy bank feature allows parents, friends and grandparents an opportunity to contribute to your child’s piggy bank funds and at checkout you are able to use these funds either for your gift registry or at any time,” says Jacoby. “There is also a bundle of benefits when creating a registry like a 90 day returns policy, free delivery and access to the piggy bank at any time.”

The benefits of the piggy bank feature she explains is that it allows parents to pay pocket money or chore money into the piggy bank which can be used at any time for toys that their children might be saving up for. “If friends and family are at a loss of what to buy for a gift, they can also deposit money into the piggy bank – this means that kids who are saving for bigger ticket items can start saving throughout the year.”

A good place to start looking for wish list items, she adds, is with ‘Geoffrey’s Big Book of Toys’ which has over 68 pages to unwrap this year’s top trending toys for gifts of all ages. “Our customers wait with anticipation for our annual catalogue and this year it will not disappoint; it can be found in all of our fifty stores nationwide or online,” says Jacoby.

Creating a registry can be done in three simple steps she explains:

  1. Create an account online at or sign in to your existing account and simply fill in the required fields.
  2. Start adding products to your Toy Registry, select the product and click the ADD TO REGISTRY button, or click on the shortcut icon when you hover over the product.
  3. Now that your Toy Registry is complete, share it with your friends and family through e-mail by simply filling in the form, or let them know on Facebook and Twitter

“We’re so excited to kick off the most magical time of the year with this offering and to make it easier than ever to find toys every kid will love this year, spreading joy and delight to families and kids of all ages,” she concludes.

To create your registry visit

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