Trust your child to work it out

I’m sharing this image as my #tbt❤️

The photo was taken of my then 15 year old son with Aspergers. ( he is now 21)

He had gone to Mapumalanga to build houses with @habitatforhumanity and his church youth group.

I worried the entire two weeks.

Was he listening? Was he fighting with anyone? How was he coping?

The first week was hell. He had never been away from Home before and never that far away.
He called each evening telling me how awful it was.

By the begining of the second week i was ready to drive from Johannesburg and fetch him and he was loving it.

He taught a group of kids to play soccer and made friends with some younger kids.

He came home with a renewed sense of pride, achievements and self worth.

As parents we can often stand in our children’s way by doing too much for them and not allowing them to learn through an experience.

Experiencing life one hurdle at a time is often the best way for our kids to learn.

Today ….

Trust your kids! Let them try things. Let them figure a few things out before you jump in. Let them struggle a little.

You brought them up well … trust your parenting enough to stand back and let them try.

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