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Start a new tradition – New year interviews with your child

New year Interview

This year, why not start a new tradition and Interview your child using these questions in the beginning and the end of the year and see how they have grown.


1. What is your name?- Hamish …you know that
2. How old are you? – 5
3. Who is your best friend?- Lusa
4. What is your favourite toy?- Bicycle and Snuggles my dog
5. What is your favourite TV show ? –Ryan’s world
6. What is your favourite food? –Bananas
7. What is your favourite colour? -Red
8. What do you want to be when you grow up?- Builder
9. What’s you find scary?- Snakes
10. What makes you happy? -Hugs
11. What annoys you the most about mom and dad?- You guys keep on talking
12. What do you like the most about mom and dad? -That you guys give me hugs
13. What do mom and dad say the most? – Hamish
14. What do you love about being a child? – That I have my own bicycle
15. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? – Those skeletons In Minecraft shoot swords outs of their bows
16. What is your favourite animal? –cheetah
17. Where do you like to go the most? – park
18. If you could buy anything what would you buy? – motorbike
19. What is your favourite thing to learn about? – animals
20. What is one thing you wish adults knew about kids? -that kids don’t want hidings
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Trust your child to work it out

I’m sharing this image as my #tbt❤️

The photo was taken of my then 15 year old son with Aspergers. ( he is now 21)

He had gone to Mapumalanga to build houses with @habitatforhumanity and his church youth group.

I worried the entire two weeks.

Was he listening? Was he fighting with anyone? How was he coping?

The first week was hell. He had never been away from Home before and never that far away.
He called each evening telling me how awful it was.

By the begining of the second week i was ready to drive from Johannesburg and fetch him and he was loving it.

He taught a group of kids to play soccer and made friends with some younger kids.

He came home with a renewed sense of pride, achievements and self worth.

As parents we can often stand in our children’s way by doing too much for them and not allowing them to learn through an experience.

Experiencing life one hurdle at a time is often the best way for our kids to learn.

Today ….

Trust your kids! Let them try things. Let them figure a few things out before you jump in. Let them struggle a little.

You brought them up well … trust your parenting enough to stand back and let them try.

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Morning ramblings

There I was, sleep in my eyes, mommy bun looking like a bird’s nest as my slippered feet made their own way to the kitchen.

I’d woken the kids and mumbled something to myself about why moms need to wake up and be the people to make coffee. Just once I’d like to be woken up with coffee and my day prepared for me.

Yawning last night’s sleep out of me, I flipped the light and grabbed the empty kettle. Quickly filling it and packing the night’s dishes away at the same time.

An unwashed plate lay mocking me on the kitchen counter and I silently begrudge the person who left it there, well aware that it was one of the monkeys in my own handmade circus!

Made mental note to self to train monkeys better.🙈

Grabbed the bread and lunch boxes and began my morning preparations. Pulled out 4 slices per person and turned to the fridge to grab the margarine.

I slid the tub onto the counter and closed the fridge. Making the coffee quickly, as the kettle spat out boiling stream patterns from its spout.

Opening the marg, I was gobsmacked!


Like what the actual fudge fingers were my children thinking. No! Wait, they couldn’t have been thinking…

Who? Just who in all of early morning madness puts an empty tub of margarine back into the fridge.


Here I stood, oversized shirt barely covering my now shivering ass in all of winters crispness looking at the empty tub wanting to scream.

The other tub was in the deep freezer and no amount of glittery happy thoughts or unicorn wishes was going to thaw it in time for me to make lunches…

Plan B

Leftovers! Don’t you just love leftovers? I filled a lunch tin with my pasta meal from last night for papa. Added some pepper and a fork and whaaaalaaaa! I had lunch for one.

And the kids?

Well believe me there was the temptation to let them starve after not throwing away the margarine tub and taking the other out, but somewhere my mind reminded me that jail sentences would be worse than a home of teenagers and anyway I don’t look good in orange jumpsuits.

Scouting the cupboard I found peanut butter. My non-caffeinated brain reasoned that this was perfect. It already contained the butter – the label said so. And peanuts are healthy … bonus!

I opened the lid of the peanut butter, ready to spread onto the now waiting bread slices. As I perched my steel cold butter knife above the container ready to dive deep into the creamy brown substance I found …


Like wtf!!!!


I give up! It appears the same monkey that was stupid enough to leave an empty tub in my fridge also left one in my cupboard.

Now I’ll give them an A for consistency but …and at that point, my mommy brain remembered I had 10 minutes to deliver coffee and get these lunches made.

I turned into Mary popping, silently ( or psychotically) singing a spoon full of sugar and using the back of the knife ( as it works like a paint scraper and allows you to grab the last lingering splats of peanut butter clinging to the container) I managed to make sandwiches.

Chucked in an apple to compliment my meal and stood back knowing I wasn’t winning a ” my mom packs awesome lunches” award today.

Oh well …

I’ll just grab the bad mom title as I take my now frozen ass back upstairs with a cup of coffee and think about the lecture I’m delivering tonight on empty containers.

Be a parent they said! It’ll be fun they said! 🤷‍♀️