Twister Air – review

Twister introduces a whole new level of fun with the interactive Twister Air app enabled game.

We’ve been trying this out and Hamish loves it!

How to play Twister Air

To start playing this new fun version of Twister, you will need to download the free Twister Air app, configrate the bands on your arms and legs to match those on the screen, set up a profile and then choose to play as a solo player, in teams or against other players.

To then start the game, you simply follow the colour co-ordinated dots on the screen, moving your arms and legs to the music. Reach, swipe, clap, and strike crazy poses.

The more spots you hit, the higher the score.

Earn the most points to win or play solo and try to beat your past record. You can even save your crazy moves to your smartphone and re-live the fun or share to friends across your social media platforms.

Best of all, if you are playing in a small space or on a mobile device you have the options to choose to only use your arms, but if you are playing in a bigger space and screening on a larger device you can use your full body.

The Twister Air comes with : 

🫧 4 colourful leg bands

🫧 4 colourful arm bands

🫧 device stand that works on any smartphone phone or tablet.

🫧 Instruction booklet to get you started

The perfect family game for Christmas, so add one to the Family Christmas eve wish list.

Recommendation for children 8+.  (Smart device not included).




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