Uno Junior – Fun for everyone

A few months ago Brent and I were shopping and we found a set of Uno junior cards. This has turned out to be one of the best card games we have bought.

What is Uno junior?

Uno junior is a card game for children age 3 – 8 years old. Designed by the makers of Uno it adds just as much fun and excitement to family games nights.

How to play

Each player is given 5 cards and they take turns to place a card matching the one in the center down. If they cannot put a card down they draw one from the deck and miss a turn. The game is made fun with cards that make you miss. Turn or pick up extra cards.
When a player has one card left in their hand they yell out Uno and the winner is the first player to have no cards left.
What makes this game unique is that children can match cards according to colour, number, or animal making it the perfect entry-level card game for younger children.

My thoughts

As I mentioned we love Uno. I actually keep this deck in my handbag for if we go out and Hamish is bored.
It is great fun for the entire family.

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