We sent our names to the moon on the Artemis 1 mission

As a young girl, growing up in the 80’s, I was in awe of astronauts and the mere thought that someone had once stepped on the moon.

It’s 2022 and space discovery and travel have advanced astronomically. Over the last decades, we have seen the world of space travel open up and become more of a norm than a one-off phenomenon.
So much so, that we recently sent our names to the moon on the Artemis 1 mission

About the Artemis

The Artemis 1 is the first flight test of the Space Launch System rocket and the Orion spacecraft that will be completely unmanned.
This flight will ultimately pave the way to land the first woman and person of colour on the moon. It is also the first in a series of missions that demonstrate NASA’s commitment to extend human existence in space, and which will bring back astronauts to the lunar surface, whilst building a long-term human presence on the moon.

How will your name travel

I wondered how my name would fly, as we’ve joined a few other missions through NASA and sent our photos, drawings, and names before.
I learned that all names collected by yesterday, 14 June 2022, would be stored on a flash drive and sent inside the rocket.

When and where

The Artemis 1 will launch later this year, from launch complex 39B when Orion and the Space Launch System lift off from the modernized NASA Space center in Kenedy, Florida.
To learn more follow the NASA Artemis missions here

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