Visit the Christmas Chocolate Factory at Paarl Mall

Visit a chocolate factory this Christmas 

Step into the magical world of Willie Wonka and his Ooma Loompas at the Paarl Mall chocolate factory this Christmas.

With your spend of R350 in any shop of the mall, up until 24 December, you can exchange your till slip for a golden ticket allowing you to experience any two of Wonkas factory rooms.

Hamish was absolutely spell bound as we have recently finished reafing Charlie and the chocolate factory. The excitement was real as he met real life Oompa loompas and the friendly Willie Wonka whilst bringing the story to life in his very own chocolate adventure.

About the chocolate factory

There are 4 chocolate experiences. Each entry allows you to choose two activites, where the friendly Oompa Loompas will help you to …….

🎂Make your own custom boba drink in the Fizzy Lifting Room.

Here the kids get to add their own flavoured boba pearls and cordial syrup to sprite, creating a delicious Fizzy drink.

Having the choice of different flavours to choose from adds the magic snd uniqueness to this experience.

🎂 Decorate a delicious waffle in the special Inventing Room.

This may have been my favourite part. Your child is given a waffle on which chocolate icing and an assortment of toppings are added.

Naturally, Hamish chose all three toppings ….I would have too.

🎂 Discover the flowing chocolate fountain and dip in some strawberries in the chocolate room.

The chocolate fountain was a winner. Flowing rivers of warm chocolate are any child ( and adults dream) These were added to strawberries and marshmallows and were eaten before I had much chance to photograph any. I think it’s safe to say Hamish really enjoyed this room.

🎂 or make a fun nuts and trees tic tac toe to take home in the Nut Room.

This is such a cute activity. The kids are given wooden Tic Tac Toe boards and can decorate the pieces which are nuts and Christmas trees.

A lovely way to end our visit with a little domething yo take home.

We highly recommend a trip to this magical pop up this Christmas.

The Christmas Chocolate Factory is open daily from 11am -2pm



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