Wanted Shark by Stephanie Moss

Title : Wanted Shark

Author: Stephanie Moss

Illustrator: Jeff Crowther

Publisher: Igloo books

Do you love sharks? Meg does and when she visits the pet shop she’s really upset to see that they don’t sell sharks and she sadly has to buy a goldfish.

That night, magic happens and to her delight the next morning she is greeted by a friendly shark standing right there in her bedroom.

Meg and her shark friend get up to some wild adventures as they learn about each other’s world and all too soon its time for the shark to return to the ocean.

This fin-tastic story is a great read and as Hamish loves sharks, it was nice for us to find a story that did not portray sharks in a negative light.

The illustrations are bright, fun and full of detail. We especially loved identifying the types of sharks under the ocean through their illustrations.

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Photos: Fun mamma SA

Recommended age: 3-8 years

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