A Letter to my Son’s Favourite Teddy

Dear teddy
I remember the day we bought you. Hamish and I were enjoying the last mama magic expo pre-pandemic.
We came across the build a bear stand and Hamish, who was just under 2 years old, eyed in on toothless the dragon.
Toothless, however, was way out of my budget, as most build a bear are but there you were …. casually smiling at me.
Happily Hamish cuddled you and we went through the process of hugging your heart and stuffing you before he ceremoniously loved the fluffing into you and tried to carry you around the rest of the expo. You were almost the same size as him and just as as heavy.
That same day we headed on holiday and you became Hamish’s sleeping companion and best friend.
Over the years, you’ve not been left out of one adventure. You’ve been dragged by the ears, the arms, the legs and unceremoniously dumped on beds and couches.
You been on every holiday, beach trip and car drive.
You’ve been puked on and washed more times than I know .
You’ve scared away monsters and played in mud. You’ve painted, played and developed a personality all your own over the last years.
Slowly I see you aren’t invited along on adventures. Your bravery isn’t needed as much. Quietly you sit alone in the room more often only to be snuggled at bed time.
Slowly I see a little boy growing up and needing you less and less.
I know you’ll still sit on his bed for many years to come but I’m sad to see him need you less yet at the same time I love that he is brave, and kind, and gentle and loving because of you.
A teddy holds a special place in a little child’s heart, arms and imagination and You’ve walked all the important things, the big things,  the small and the scary things with him on his journey.
You are his first friend and his first true love.
Thank you for being his teddy.
Hamish’s mommy

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