Easy Rocket and Feta salad for your next braai

With Spring bringing warmer weather I often find that by supper time I’m not that hungry and like to enjoy a green salad. My Rocket and feta salad is one on my favourites to just quickly whip up for the family. It also makes a yummolicious side for your next braai.

Here is how you can make it :


Rocket (500g)
Almond slivers (a handful)
Feta cubes (500g)
Pumpkin seeds (a handful)
Sesame seeds (a handful)
Raspberry vinegar


In a salad bowl toss your Rocket leaves, cubed feta, almond, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.
Season with salt and pepper
Drizzle with raspberry vinegar.
Toss to mix.
I enjoy this salad as a stand alone meal, but it would be great with a braai or summer meal
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