Wear It Wild With WWF

Each year, the WWF champions the Wear It Wild campaign, a campaign that aims to raise much-needed funds to assist with nature and wildlife conservation.

The campaign is a fun experience where participants dress up as their favourite animal and are encouraged to donate a fee of R10 towards WWF’s efforts to protect our planet’s rich natural heritage.

Statistics show that the planet’s populations of wild species have fallen by half since 1970, but with organisations like the WWF South Africa on hand, a lot of work is being done to try and reverse the decline.

The campaign enjoys widespread support and rave reviews each year.
In the spirit of extending the Wear It Wild campaign message, participating businesses have in the past:

– Highlighted the importance of the Wear It Wild campaign to staff, business partners and customers.

– Encouraged staff and other stakeholders to dress up as their favourite animal to work in celebration of Wear It Wild Day (Wear It Wild Day: 14 October 2021- 14 November 2021).

– Hosted mini internal events to celebrate Wear It Wild Day (Best Dressed competition etc.).

– Shared pictures of creatively dressed participants on their social media channels.

– Donated R10 per participant to WWF South Africa’s conservation efforts as part of the Wear It Wild campaign.

This year we are also encouraging participants that would like to share their creative costumes on social media to use the following hashtag: #WearItWild.
Should your organisation would be interested in participating in the campaign this year or for more info on the campaign please visit the WWF South Africa website,
The following videos highlight the Wear It Wild concept

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