Ways to make money as a homeschool mom

Living on one income in today’s society is not easy. Let’s face it, most moms need to work. Our salaries are required for our families to live comfortably.

And whilst homeschooling often saves many parents quite a bit of money, by affording a private, individual education to our children there are still curriculum,books, sports, activities, outings and learning aids that we want to add to our classrooms …and these cost money.

Money that most times, a homeschool mom may feel bad asking for from an already stretched household budget in a one income home.

So, how can a homeschool mom make an additional income ?

Here are some tried and tested ways.


Do what you know and love – teach.

This is often the easiest and most effective way for homeschoolmoms to earn money, especially if you have teaching experience.

You could :-

  • Start a co-op teaching other homeschool children (*see your province guidelines to doing this)
  • Start an aftercare for children in your neighborhood.
  • Tutor others
  • Teach in a specific subject in person or online
  • Teach your crafts or hobbies
  • Teach English online. This is demanding but an easy enough job to fit around your homeschool schedule.
  • Design and sell teaching courses. You could look at selling your course on Udemy or if you have a homeschool blog or social platform, through those.

Sell items

Facebook market place has made it increasingly easy for moms to start online stores.

You can also sell through your website or social platforms.

Drop shipping is increadibly popular. Here you don’t own stock but sell for other companies like 4 A Kid or the Papery.

You could also purchase items wholesale and resell at a profit or if you are creative sell your own range of crafts and creations.

Reselling is also popular. I have personally bought much of our curriculum, books and learning aids from homeschool sites where moms are reselling the things they no longer use.

Direct sales & Affiliate marketing

Direct sale companies like Acorn kids, Avon and Tupperware do still exist and you can make an income selling these products. It is helpful to have a client base ready to buy from you otherwise Direct selling can be really demanding with little sales.

There are people making money from affiliate marketing however I personally am not a fan

A lot of work goes into marketing or creating content to try sell a product and again unless you have a very specific client base who will certainly purchase the products this is also a lot of work for very little income.

House sitting , baby sitting or dog walking 

Remember when you were in high-school and these were quick easy ways to make money, they still are.

This takes no capital outlay and you can work around your homeschool schedule.

Create resources

This is a very profitable income source for many homeschoolers and there are several teaching sites where you can sell your resources.

If you have a homeschool blog you can sell resources, ebooks and other resources like posters on your website.

Freelance work

Many homeschool moms still work in their career fields as freelancers.

Some great freelance options are :

  • Writers
  • Content creator
  • Blogging
  • Influencer ( although this takes a while to break into)
  • Virtual assistant
  • Artists
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Website design
  • Accounting


Use your talents 

And lastly use your talents.

Homeschool moms are resilient, talented, multi task like a bomb and are often much more efficient than the average employee ( Because we are trying to fit so much into a small amount of time)

As a homeschool mom you are also organised, teachable, and possess a natural talent to lead. Using these strengths with your talents to craft, cook, bake or create will show you where to start your own business.

However you try to create a side hustle it’s important to remember that you won’t become rich over night. You will have to work hard to see your results and sometimes you may be the only person on your side routing for you.


I promise one day you’ll look back and be glad you started today.





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