What is fetal-maternal microchimerism ?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times of a woman’s life. One where she undergoes many changes.

But did you know that when a woman is pregnant, the cells of the baby will migrate into the mother’s bloodstream and circle all the way back into the baby? This is called called “fetal-maternal microchimerism”.
What is fetal-maternal microchimerism ?
For the full duration of pregnancy, 41 weeks, the cells will circulate and will merge backward and forwards.
After the baby is born, many of these same cells will stay in the new mother’s body and leave a permanent imprint on her tissues, bones, brain, and skin.
These cell imprints will stay there for decades, research has shown they can be seen up to 18 years after a mother gives birth.
But it gets even more interesting, every single child that the mother has afterward will also leave a similar imprint on her body, too.
So, as the mom of 7 children, I would have the imprint of all their cells left within my tissues, brains, bones, and skin.

I was interested to read that even if a pregnancy does not go to full term, if you should miscarry or if you have an abortion, these cells will still migrate into the mother’s bloodstream.

How Amazing is that?
The baby will protect the mother just as the mother protects and grows the baby

Furthermore, research shows that if the mother is injured, for example, the fetal cells will rush to her injury and change themselves into a different type of cell that will heal. This is often why many pregnant moms discover that certain illnesses will vanish whilst they are pregnant.

It is truly incredible how a mother’s body can protect a baby, and how the baby can protect and heal the mother’s body in order for the baby to develop and survive.

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