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Happy World Book day 
Books are a huge part of our day. From school reading, reading for pleasure and bedtimes stories, we have a huge collection of books that we have fallen in love with over the years.
We often read many of the same stories over and over, so much so that Hamish could recite the story to me. but I honestly love that there are so many authors who have paved the way for his love of reading.
So many books where the characters have come alive through a beautiful collaboration of text and illustrations, where he was taught a lesson, or when a book walked a journey with us.
Some of our current favourites are: 

A Frog a whale and a princess tale by Tina Scotford

The land of Kachoo books by Tina Scotford

– The mighty elephant in the land of Kachoo
– The leopard and the bush baby in the land of Kachoo
– Lost in the land of Kachoo
– Saving the rhino in the land of Kachoo

The local artists published for Wimpy by Ethnikids

– Monkey and Crocodile
-How the elephant saved summer
– Nana Boselele
– How the owl got its hoot

Storybook Stars

Hamish’s personalised storybook from Storybook stars where he is the hero in the book.

Two oceans aquarium puppet series books

-Wild pets
-I love turtles
-I live smart
-keep the beach clean
-Water cycle adventures

The magic of Kirstenbosch by Donnaleen Coue

And not forgetting Julia Donaldson

-The Gruffalo
-The Gruffalo’s child
-Room on the broom
What are your children currently reading?

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