World penguin day and where to experience Penguins in Cape Town.

Yesterday was World Penguin Day.

Did you know …

There are between 17- 20 known species of penguin in the world.

Their black and white coloured feathers are for camouflage while swimming. From above the black coat blends with the ocean and from below the white matches the bright sky above the water.

Penguin feathers trap a layer of hot air next to their skin to insulate them from cold climates.

The tallest species is the Empires penguin at 4 feet tall.

The shortest species is the little blue penguin who is only 16 inches tall.

Penguin swim at 7 mph but some species can reach up to 22 mph

Most penguin species are declining in numbers and are vulnerable to extinction. In the past 100 years, the African penguin population has declined from millions, to just 21 000 breeding pairs. Today on world penguin day let’s unite to educate our children about these special little birds.

In Cape Town we are lucky enough to be surrounded by several areas that allow us to see penguin up close and experience the hard work that these conservation areas do with regards to caring for and educating others about penguin.

Where to experience penguins in Cape Town


At the Two Oceans Aquarium at the V and A waterfront your children can walk through the penguin enclosures getting close to the penguins as they watch them laze and play on the rocks.

They can measure themselves against the wooden cut out penguin on the wall and learn to name the various species.

From the children’s play area they can watch the penguins dive, swim and glide on the water.


On Boulders beach, a 40 minute drive from Cape Town you can experience the serene penguin colony protected by SANParks, where you can walk, sit amount and swim with the penguins.

Although they look friendly, it’s best not to get too close and you are prohibetted from feeding them.

Best to enjoy these beautiful creatures from a distance and allow them to casually go about their day around you.

The best times to see penguins are:-

February to August to view them nesting

January to see the baby chicks moulting

Between September and October most penguins spend the majority of their time out at sea.


Simon’s Town, via the M4 (Main Road) from Muizenberg


Table Mountain National Park:

021 712 0527

So what are you waiting for ? Plan a visit and show some love to a penguin this weekend.

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