World Read Aloud Day with Nal’ibali


2 February 2022 marks Nal’ibali’s 10th World Read Aloud Day celebration. In celebration, Nal’ibali have written a special story. This year’s story “A party in the park” has a celebratory theme and includes some of Nal’ibali’s beloved characters like Gogo, Neo and Hope and is available for FREE in all 11 SA languages, as well as Chichewa, French, Lingala, Portuguese, Shona and Swahili.

This year the focus is on families reading and telling stories together, which can happen anywhere, anytime. Reading together is bonding, brings families closer, and it’s fun!

Children who read learn how to understand the world around them through developing their imagination. Confident readers do better at school and go on to be knowledgeable adults with fulfilling careers.

Here’s how to make your family’s pledge this World Read Aloud Day: 

·      WhatsApp “WRAD” to 0600 44 22 54  
·      Download the story in your preferred language
·      Practice reading it aloud before the big day!
·      Refer your family and friends to pledge

We can do this! Let’s get 1 million South African families reading this World Read Aloud Day!

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