Yo-Jelly –  a better, tastier treat that’s trusted by moms and loved by kids

Amazing things happen when yoghurt and jelly come together

Parents and kids these days have a lot on their plates –work, school, after-school sports and social activities. Worrying about what to eat shouldn’t be on the list. And with Yo-Jelly, it isn’t.

Danone’s Yo-Jelly is South Africa’s only yoghurt and jelly snack and combines the best of both worlds. This makes it a better and tastier treat that kids can enjoy any time of day, guilt-free.

“Now made with 11 added vitamins, 30% more milk and 30% less sugar, moms get the peace of mind of knowing that their kids are getting the nutrients their growing bodies need while the kids are able to enjoy a treat bursting with flavour. It’s a win-win situation,” says Mohammed Jassat, Marketing Manager at Danone Southern Africa.

As kids grow up and get more involved in choosing what they eat, the battle between taste and nutritional value can become overwhelming for many moms. Yo-Jelly takes the friction out of food in the household because it is trusted by moms, loved by kids and provides essential nutrients for their jam-packed day.

With kid-loved flavours like strawberry, granadilla, crème soda and pineapple, Yo-Jelly is set to be the coolest treat on the block.

It is available at most retailers at a Recommended Retail Price of R13.99.

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