10 things about me ….

I was tagged on Instagram by @survivingsavages_blog to share 10 things about myself a while ago and Day 22 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge asks me to share 10 things about myself so I thought I’d share these 10 facts …..

Hamish and me
Me & Hamish – photo credit Mariede Designs

10 things about me

1. Mom life

I’m the mom of 7 amazing children and glam-ma to one sweet granbaby.

My eldest daughter is getting married in September and is 27. My 4 boys are 24, 23,21 and 18. My youngest daughter is 15 and Hamish will be 3 in September.

All 6 of my older kids are from my first marriage and Hamish is from my second marriage to Brent.

Two of my son’s have Aspergers.

2. Working Girl

Aside from being a mom I also run 2 blogs ( Fun mamma SA, a parenting blog and On the road to Fabulous, a motivational lifestyle blog ) and am the co-founder of the company Blogboss which is a service and support platform for bloggers and brands.


3. Learn for life

I love learning and taught for over 20 years.

I ran a private cottage school in the Eastern Cape for 3 years and have taught littlies to matric, including homeschooling my own 6 kids for many years.

Teaching is my passion, from full on in the classroom down to sitting over coffee sharing my knowledge.

4. Not just a pretty face

I am a qualified social media marketer, earning my certificate last year.

I also studied art at technicon many moons ago and hold a few other business certificates ….

Told you I love learning 🤦#geeksquad

Staying organised, writing and always learning

5. Writers life

I’ve been part of 3 book compilations by Ginny stone and you can find my banana rice pudding recipe in Meg faures weaning sense book as well as a kabab recipe of mine in the lunch time ideas recipe book published by Kollanade park.

I’ve written for some rather impressive sites over the years.

My first poem was published when I was 15 by Penguin books . Poetry is still my first love but writing holds my heart.

The kindness book
The kindness book – a compilation of short stories

6. Creative chick

I love being creative.

I woke up at 18, realising my parents had ill prepared me for life and started learning skills like sewing, crochet, cross stitch, baking ,ect in order to be able to teach my children to be more independent.

There very few crafts I haven’t tried and for many years supplemented our income making crafts to sell and holding stalls at craft markets….I make an impressive tutu

Judy MacGregor
Cheating death changes you

7.Cheating death

I survived a pulmonary embolism last year.

Coming close to death leaves you a different person. I find I’m now impatient of drama. I have no time for negativity and I just lose my shit at people who can’t be nice.

8.Small talk

I struggle with small talk. I’m great with a face to face conversation but I really battle online. I blame being born before social media for this.

9. Nature is my calm

Nature is my calm. I love to be walking or just out in the trees. The beach is my happy space and I spent many years living on farms, small holdings and small towns surrounded by nature and animals of all kinds.

Some of our stranger pets were a donkey, a chicken, a crow and a tortise the kids took for a walk.

10. Cheerleader

I’m a cheerleader. I love making others feel great.

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