10 tips for new bloggers

Day 24 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge is my blogging tips for beginners

When I first started blogging I really wrote from my heart without much thought or regards for much else.

I found several articles online and it was Mandy from Car seat full stop who offered me assistance should I need.

If you are considering becoming a blogger I would first ask you to understand that it can get competitive. You will most likely lose your motivation along the way. They hype can consume you as you try fit in and it’s not always as easy as it looks ….it’s work!

Next I would suggest the following …..

  • Decide on your niche. Choose a topic you are knowledgeable about
  • Read as many blogs in that niche as you can
  • Write. Daily if you can. Practice makes perfect.
  • Write for your audience.
  • Set your own high quality images to your blog
  • Use a catchy title
  • Edit your blog twice before pressing publish
  • Check all links work
  • Know where to market or share your blog post after it is published
  • Join a blogging community where you can learn new skills

And lastly I suggest you know your reason for blogging. Write this down some place where you can look back often to remind yourself to stay focused 💞

Happy blogging

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