10 things you can still do for R10

This post was first written in 2019 for my Mamms & Bear website and I wondered if it was still relevant for 2024…


Heres what you can still do for R10



While walking home from the shop one  morning in 2019, I was thinking how expensive living had become, how much it costs to treat the kids and how I made do with much less having 6 small kids than I manage to do with just Hamish.

Then I wondered how many things you could still do with R10.

Here’s my list of 10 things you can still do with your kids for only R10 each.

1. Enjoy a KFC ice cream cone

Ice cream

As a treat I would save the change from my weekly bread and milk money and treat the kids once a week. KFC ice cream was one of their favourites. You can still buy a plain soft twirl cone for R5.90

*Price for a plain soft twirl ice cream in 2024 is still R5.90 ( * price check online)

2. Buy a donut for breakfast

Our local Pick n Pay and Spar both have donuts for under R8.00 each. They make the perfect treat breakfasts for a Sunday morning.

*Our locals have since increased their pricing from R7 – R13 a donut depending on if you buy it iced or plain.


3. Make a calendar

Postnet have photo printing machines and you can print your favourite photo from your phone onto a stylish calendar to display for R10 a print.

Why not print one of you and your child or a group photo of them with their friends enjoying the holiday.

* Upon there are still printing options for R10 for a calendar. You can also design your calendar on Canva and print it yourself on card stock or have it printed for under R10.


4. Feed the squirrels

The Gardens in Cape Town is home to the friendliest squirrels. The park is free to enter and a packet of nuts to feed the squirrels is R5. Spend the day enjoying a picnic on the grounds, exploring and letting the kids feed the squirrels.

*Our last visit in 2023, cost R15 for a packet of bird seed as well as a packet of nuts. Individual packets were R10 each.

Feeding squirrels

5. Buy a new book from a charity shop

There are charity shops situated in most towns and they really do amazing work. They also gave some incredible bargains. For R10 you can find a new holiday novel to read or even pick up a book or two for the kids.


6. Visit an xpresso store

Pop Into an xpresso store….everything they sell is R10 and their coffee is amazing.

*Inflation has unfortunately hit the Xpresso stores and they now charge R12 an item but the quality and size still remains fantastic.

Xpresso store

7. Ride an arcade game

Hamish loves the arcade rides in the malls and we now save our R5 coins for when we go shopping. It’s a small treat but one he adores. Mall arcade rides are between R5 and R10 a ride.

* I still hate these and Hamish still loves them. Your child can still ride a mall arcade ride for R5- R20 a ride.

8. Buy a cheap toy treat from PEP stores

PEP stores are one of my favourite shops. Their prices are amazing and any mom on a budget can relate to needing to stretch the budget. You can still find a cheap game or toy for under R10 in their stores as a treat or reward for good behaviour.

*PEP still have your back mom and you can get toys, stationary and sweet treats under R10. We also love Value Co and our China malls for small, inexpensive spoils.

PEP toys

9. Buy bubbles and have a bubble day

Buy some blowing bubbles for R10 each, in most stores and party shops. Spend an afternoon blowing bubbles in the park.

Blowing bubbles

10. Buy a craft activity

Our local Chinese store sell a variety of craft kits for R10 or less each. From scratch art to painting there’s something fun for everyone.

*we have also found mini craft sets online, at markets, at Value Co and on sale.


So, yes it is still possible to do fun things with the kids that won’t break the budget.

Let me know if you can think of any others.


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  1. We really don’t realize the value of a buck anymore! This would make an awesome challenge for kids to learn about the value of things. That’s for sharing.

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