Mental Health Day 2022

World mental health day was on Monday 10th October.

The theme in 2022 is ‘Ensuring mental health and well-being for all becomes a global priority”
This is a good opportunity for us to check in with our own mental health, as well as with the people around us.
There is still a lot of judgment and stigma involved in the topic of Mental health and because of this, People often suffer in silence and do not seek professional help.
What is Mental health
-something to take seriously
-linked to your physical health
-worth making time for
What mental health is not 
-a sign of weakness
-all in your head
-something to snap out of
-something to be ashamed of
Who can help 
If you know anyone who is struggling with their mental health it would be encouraging to have them reach out to:
🌻 Their medical practioner
🌻 Cape Mental health
🌻Depression and Anxiety groups
🌻 Post natal depression
🌻PTSD groups
World Metal Health Day is a  reminder for us all :
🌻To be kind, you don’t know what other people are facing or struggling through.
🌻 To prioritize self-care
🌻 To ask for help when /if you need it.
🌻 To surround yourself with people who love and support you.
🌻 To stop giving the weight of other people’s opinions any worth in your life
🌻 To unsubscribe to anything online or in real life that causes you stress, anxiety, or unhappiness.
🌻To know that you are enough exactly as you are.

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