Nuy Wynkelder has added a new wine to their Mastery series at the request of Nuy wine
enthusiasts. Not only is this Nuy’s first rosé ever, but the wine also has the unusual name Piekfyn

According to cellar master Christo Pienaar, the idea for this new wine came from numerous buyer
requests for a dry rosé, as well as careful planning to add a special wine to the increasingly popular
pink wine market.

“The name “Piekfyn” alludes to the colorfulness of wine as well as its words. Because the wine is a
rosé, which is of course mostly pink in colour, we wanted to use the word pink as inspiration.”
explains Pienaar.

‘We wanted to experiment with original Afrikaans words and with the rose theme
on the back label. We chose the word piekfyn which means; particularly good or exquisite and is
commonly used to describe everything that is right and delicious.”

A new wine provides an opportunity for innovation, according to Pienaar.

“We realise the visual impact packaging has when someone buys wine or displays it on a table during a meal. That’s why we created an unusual label against a backdrop of roses. The roses can be seen through the bottle,and as the bottle empties, more of the label and flowers become visible.”

The wine comes in a three-bottle carton with the same artwork as the label. It looks like a bunch of
roses that someone gave you as a gift Pienaar says. The creative force behind this design is
Luzanne de Villiers, a local artist who uses acrylic paint as a medium. This commissioned artist has
been painting for 16 years and also teaches adults and children in her Worcester studio.

The Piekfyn Rosé is a dry rosé wine with a deep salmon colour, aromas of strawberries and
blackberries, as well as hints of Pink Lady apple. The wine, according to Pienaar, is fruity with an acid
balance that leaves a long aftertaste. He suggests pairing the wine with fresh salads and seafood

The Piekfyn Rosé sells for R85 per bottle at Nuy on the hill on the R60 route between Worcester and
Robertson. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00, Saturdays and Sundays from
09:00 to 16:00. The Piekfyn Rosé is also available for purchase online at

For more information, contact AC Goodger on 023 347 0272 or email
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