5 Apps I can’t live without

Day 3 for the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge asks me what 5 Apps I can’t live without.

I was born in a time where we used to find our information in hard cover encyclopedias not at the click of a Google search so I’m still not much of an App fan.

I do however see the benefit of a great App and I use several daily to keep in contact and work.

On my phone the top 5 Apps I use are :

1.Social Media ( Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp)

These are my means to communicate with friends and family worldwide. It allows me to share one idea, thought, event or post and just tag the relevant people.

I also use them for business, to make new contacts, network, engage and interact with people reading my blogs.

2. You tube

I have a toddler we need to watch baby shark and Pink Fong somewhere 🤷

Seriously though, I use YouTube for tutorials to enhance my skills, quickly catch up on trends and for music.

3. Google

What would I do without Google ? From looking up information, finding things to do, reading new magazines, job opportunities, maps and 1001 other uses each day.

4. WordPress

I couldn’t run my blogs without the WordPress App. In fact I write all my personal blogs from my phone straight to the App.

5. Banking App

I need this one at least once a month 😂 Online banking is much easier on my phone but I really do delete it way too often to have enough space for my photos.

What are the 5 Apps you can’t live without?

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