6 fun water activities to keep the kids cool

One of the easiest ways to keep my children occupied was to just add water.

Here are 6 fun water activities you can do with the kids during the coronavirus lockdown.

Water fun

  1. Fill a tub of water, have lots of plastic cups/bowls/spoons/funnels/ect
  2. Colour the water different colours (helps to show colour combinations)
  3. Add bubbles and Lego blocks to the water for some sensory construction time.
  4. Make paper boats to sail in your tub. I have a wonderful paper boat tutorial
  5. Have a foam fight. Make big buckets of bubbles and let them throw it at each other.
  6. Draw with the water onto the concrete/driveway. You could also paint concrete fences and stones with water.

Water safety

Always be vigilant when children play with water.

It is proven that a child can drown in a small bucket of water.

Never leave a child alone during water play.