Sailing on Paper Boats


Mockingbird song
Mockingbird Song

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Mockingbird song . You can read the review Here.

Bear and I had so much fun reading through the retelling of this traditional children’s classic and one thing that stood out from the illustrations was the little paper boat.

Paper boat
Paper boat

Many years ago when my children were younger I would offer my time to read stories at our local library, offering a craft that matched the story.

And paper boats formed so much of my older bears lives. On rainy days the boys would make them and race them on little gutter streams and puddles of water.

Bear cubs
The bear cubs show off their paper boats

To make your own paper boats you will need:

Assorted paper.

To make :

Origami boat
Diagram : paper boat folding instructions
  • Fold rectangular paper in half, then in quarters.Unfold quarters to make a centre-line mark.
  • Fold the two top corners towards the centre.
  • Fold the top strip upwards.
  • Fold corner back and turn over.
  • Fold strip upwards.
  • Hold bottom corners and pull together.
  • This will make a flat square.
  • Fold the top flap upwards.
  • This will now give you a triangle.
  • Hold bottom corners and push together.
  • Grab upper corners and pull apart.
  • Watch as the boat’s little cabin pops out.
Sail away
Mamma bear teaching one of her pupils to fold paper boats

Find a body of water and set sail on wonderful adventures.


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