Why your toddler should blow bubbles

I’m a huge fan of bubbles. Not only are they fun and entertaining they are also a great item to bring out of the cupboatd on a rainy day.

My bears have all loved playing with bubbles and little bear is no exception. As a mom I’ll often look at putting bubbles into a party packet or gifting them with birthday gifts.

Do you know how much simply blowing, catching and chasing after the bubbles teaches them?

Kids blowing bubbles
Kiki and bear blowing bubbles

According to The Early Years Institute your child gains the following skills when playing with bubbles :-

🐾 they learn about cause and effect as the bubbles form and pop.

🐾 they practise visual tracking needed for early reading skills by following the bubbles movement.

🐾 they develop hand eye co ordination as they learn to navigate the wand into the container and wave it about.

🐾 they learn about shapes and sizes as they explore the bubbles they have blown.

🐾 their imagination and creatívity are being developed through play.

🐾the chanel is open for kids to discuss scientific facts as the understand how the ingredience are formed to make bubbles, what makes a bubble move, how a bubble is formed, why it pops, ect


Bubbles bubbles everywhere …

Developing skills

Along with these skills your child also builds on the following :

Fine motor skills

🔹️Your child needs to practice pinching the bubble wand and using a pencil grip to hold it.

🔹️ They need to coordinate holding the bottle and wand using both hands without dropping it.

🔹️ Opening and closing the bottle.

🔹️using their hands in various ways to pop the bubbles. Ie : poking them, clapping hands together to pop them, ect

Gross motor skills

🔹️your child will use their body to twist and turn to catch bubbles.

🔹️to run , hop, jump and reach up high as they chase the bubbles.

Make your own bubbles

Although there are many good bubble products on the market, here is how to make make your own blowing bubbles.

Homemade bubbles
Recipe for homenade bubbles

You will need :

  • Water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Corn starch
  • Baking powder

To make:

Place all the ingredients in a clean container.

Mix gently without creatinv bubbles .

Leave for an hour before use.

Have some bubblicious fun today ….

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