A lesson learnt – why it is ok to fail!

Day 11 of #blogbosswinterblogchallenge asks me to share a lesson I learnt.

This was difficult, in 45 years I’ve learnt many, so how do I pick just one?

Instead I decided to share something I wrote for my youngest daughter in March about why it’s ok to fail.

It’s back to school for our children today and that means back to the stress and business of their day.

So often we only think about our business, our stress during the day but I’ve seen my teen enter high school and have to adjust to totally new environments, schedules, friend dynamics and work load.

She was in a panic as her marks dropped last term and I told her I thought they would, it’s a large adjustment.

She was shocked , thinking she may be grounded for the holidays. Now, by dropped I don’t mean badly- she came 9th in her grade for maths, but by a few percent.

She obviously wasn’t grounded ( nor would I have grounded her for marks but she’s only been living back with me for a year, as she lived with her dad, so we still learning each other’s reactions again)

Out of this , the biggest lesson she learnt was that it’s ok to find situations difficult.

It’s ok for you to struggle to adjust or be stressed.

It’s not the end of the world and you do not need to always be perfect.

You see as much as I want her to succeed I also want her to learn to fail and how to get back up. I want her to learn to deal with stress but also when to ask for help. I want her to learn that pushing yourself is important but so is knowing when to relax but mostly to know that no one ever has it all figured out.

Above all I want her to know that her worth will never be judged on a set of grades or test scores but on the strength of her character and the kindness of her heart.

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