A visit to Milnerton Firestation for International Firefighters day

Yesterday was International Firefighters Day, and the City of Cape Town opened several firestations and welcomed the public to come learn more about these heroes of our city.

Hamish was super excited. He insisted on wearing his Volunteer Wildfire Services t-shirt and cap, and we headed our to meet the friendly firefighters at Milnerton firestation, which is the closest to us.

Firefighter Ryan was incredibly patient with the kids and not only introduced them to the other firefighters but showed the kids all about the vehicles, tools, and gear firefighters use.

Naturally, the firetrucks and the jaws of life gear were the biggest hit with the kids able to climb inside and press the button on the jaws of life tool.

The kids also got to try on the gear, give the fire pole a go, visit the control room and learn that a firefighter has 3 minutes to get from a call to leaving in their vehicle …this includes getting dressed!

Something I never knew was that firefighters are on 24 hour shifts …I have an entirely higher regard for firefighters after this visit.

After a quick stop at the mini museum which houses a vintage fire truck from the 50’s and still has its original wooden ladder, we ventured outside to be introduced to the diving crew.

I learnt that very few firefighters take the diving qualification, making these guys all the more special to our community.

And then it was time for the fun ….a foam party for the kids to run and jump in.

Thank you to Milnerton Firestation for taking time out of your busy and demanding day to share so much with us.

Not only was it fun but so informative.

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