An Introduction to Fun mamma SA

As part of the #blogbossWinterBlogchallenge I’ll be doing 30 posts in the next 30 days that share a lot more information on me, the mom behind Fun Mamma SA.

The first post is an introduction and to understand who Fun Mamma SA is, what I stand for and believe in you may need a little history.

Who am I?

I am the youngest of 5 siblings. A biological sister who is 3 years younger than myself, a “step” brother of the same age as my sister and 2 teenage half sisters.

I’m the mother to 7 amazing children. 4 Adult children ages 27, 24, 23 and 21 and 2 teenagers of 18 and 15. These wonderful children are from my first marriage.

Then I have Hamish with my new husband and partner in parenting, Brent.

My eldest daughter gets married in September and we finally welcome her fiance into our not so small family, making me a mother in law.

My eldest son has the cutest little baby girl who officially made me a glam-ma.

I have 4 nephews on my sister’s side and share a total of 5 nephews and nieces on both my husband and ex husband’s sides.

I’m also step mom to a young man and have 2 children with Asperger’s.

I’ve taught for many years, ran my own cottage school, homeschooled, worked in childcare and volunteered in many positions that involved childcare …Sunday school, youth groups, youth counselling, library story telling, guiding and several others.

So why tell you all this?

Because Fun mamma SA was started in 2012 as a small Facebook page to educate, encourage and inspire parents to value their children and families.

It’s been my vision to share ideas for parents and teachers to uplift, empower and educate children.

About my blog

When Hamish was born my blog developed and it’s very much still a work in progress.

There is so much information and wisdom that comes with 27 years of parenting and I often get overwhelmed at the sheer volume of things I want to share.

Mostly I share personal stories or ideas I use so that, that one mom who feels she’s failed knows she’s done the best she knows how to do. She’s perfect as she is and tomorow is another day to start again.

My goal

My goal, is that you leave fun mamma with a little bit of knowledge, a fun idea or just some hope that tomorrow will be better.

That as you scroll through my random scattered thoughts you will remember just how fast 18 Christmases pass and know that even on your worst day of parenting , you doing a great job.

But mostly that you will remember to ask a toddler for their opinion, stop to smell the flowers, add some fun to your day and know that …

Children are not a distraction from your work, they are the most important works.

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