Archaeological Discovery Triceratops from Fun Living RSA

Hamish is still in his dinosaur era and this archeological discovery Triceratops from Fun Living RSA has to be one of the best discovery digs he has ever done.

Your Archaeological discovery triceratops comes hidden in a plaster volcano setting a realistic stage for discovering how dinosaurs became extinct.

Each kit contains :
🦕 plaster volcano
🦕 plastic theme mat to work on or play on after finding your dinosaur
🦕 paleontologist tools
🦕 spray bottle ( for water to soften the plaster ehilst digging)
🦕 full dinosaur skeleton pieces to build
🦕 gem stones

Hamish couldn’t wait to start digging and this kept him busy for quite some time.

The first thing I noticed once he had found the skeleton pieces was the quality. We do several of these type of Dino digs each year and you normally recieve a cheap plastic dinosaur . This triceratops is made from a good quality plastic that strongly resembles a bone colour. It fitted together easily with no loose parts and we were able to stand it on display once he had built it.

He loved the added suprise of finding gem stones and was. Great incentive for him to keep digging once he had found the skeleton.

This is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained during the school holidays.

The kits are available in Triceratops and T-Rex, and you can purchase them from Fun Living RSA



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