Be a woman of worth

Many years ago I read this scripture thinking wow ! That woman is amazing ….I hope I can be like that one day.

Then life happened …. I grew! I made good choices, I made bad choices and so often I looked at this beautiful scripture and I ticked off each thing that I wasn’t instead of looking to the things I was.

Many years later I realise even on my worst days I am a woman of worth!

So, what is a woman of worth?

A woman of worth to me is someone who uplifts and encourages others, no matter what she is personally going through.

A woman of worth inspires you through her experiences as much as she does her daily life.

Someone who shows courage in the face of adversity or stands up for her beliefs, even at the risk of standing alone.

A woman of worth is loyal, to her family and friends. She supports them with enthusiasm and lifts them up when they are down.

A woman of worth loves fiercely and unconditionally.

She is above all else…kind. knowing that kindness will soften even the harshest words and hold a broken heart together.

She forgives easily.

She is trustworthy. She doesn’t need to use her words or your secrets to hurt anyone or betray a confidence.

She is Grace filled and wise enough to use her words to help and heal. She is honest but tactful. She is kind but stern when needed.

A woman of worth leaves you richer for having known her.

To all the Women of worth in my circle …. thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself

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