Benefits of taking baby for a daily walk

Enjoying daily walks with your newborn is a great way to get you out the house and help you to regain your pre-baby shape.

It’s also a great way to restore your physical fitness level, energise your body and connect you to your neighbourhood and nature.

Best of all fresh air and a little sunshine is great for baby.

What you will need:

1. Pram

A jogger pram was the first item on my To buy list as I’d hoped to start running with bear . (Unfortunately I broke my leg and ankle when he was 3 weeks old so that idea went on hold for a while)

When purchasing a pram to walk distances with always take these points into consideration:

  • Deep seat and a seat belt.
  • Locking brake to use whenever you put the child into or take the child out of the stroller.
  • A safety wrist strap to keep the stroller from rolling away from you.
  • Check the stroller for sturdiness.
  • A sunshade is essential to protecting the baby’s skin from sunburn.

Some moms may choose to walk with a baby carrier (only advisable from the age stipulated on the carrier as newborns can slip through these) or a sling or wrap.

Whilst the baby wraps and slings are very comfortable for a little baby , a larger toddler may get very heavy on a long distance.

2. Comfy clothing and shoes for mom

It’s important to walk in comfortable clothing and good running shoes. I like to use my tights , a large lose top and my Adidas running shoes. They absorb more of the impact from my ankle and knees than my pumps or boots, allowing me to enjoy my walk.

As pregnancy may have caused your feet to grow , purchase a new pair after birth to start walking in. It’s advisable to ask your fitness shop to measure your feet to find a comfortable size shoe.

3. Water

Always keep water on you if you walking so that you do not dehydrate.

I also always carried water incase I needed to wash baby , or myself.

4. Sunscreen

The sun is harsh and even if it does not seem too warm when you set out , the weather may change and get warmer. Always carry sunscreen with you.

5. Babys nappy bag

Baby’s bag should be packed whenever you go out.

My standard nappy bag contained :

  • 3 nappies
  • wipes
  • bumcream
  • boiled water in a flask
  • 2 feeds
  • dummy
  • Sunscreen
  • hat or beenie
  • 2 changes of clothing( one each for warm and cold weather)
  • a jersey
  • blanket.

The best place to walk.

Don’t take your pram on gravel or rough paths, the vibration and bumping aren’t good for baby or for your wrists, arms, and shoulders when pushing the pram.

If you can rather stick to sidewalks and asphalt.

Studies have shown that walking in natural settings reduces stress and enhances your mood so try to find a pathway that leads through a natural setting for a daily walk.

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