How to clean your child’s car chair

The easiest way to clean your child’s car chair is to remove it from the car.

Once you’ve taken the chair out, remove the cover and buckles to clean each piece separately.

Then, mix a 50/50 solution of white wine vinegar and warm water, and spray it generously onto the plastic. Wipe off with a soft cloth.Vinegar is a natural deodoriser and sanitizer which will leave baby’s car chair looking and smelling great.

You can also sponge or scrub the plastic down with a light detergent like a baby washing powder and water, leaving it to dry in the sun.

Vacuum the seat thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and crumbs.

You can spot clean the upholstery with a fabric stain remover and your material covers can be washed in a warm wash using a baby washing powder.

Scrub the buckles with warm water only. Checking to ensure the buckle clasps are free of dirt. Always perform a click test on each clasp to check that the buckles are functional and secure. Towel the buckles dry, and re-assembly the car chair.

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