Cooking with The Charming Chef

How did you spend Mother’s day ?

Hamish and I joined The Charming Chef at the Demo kitchen at Makers Landing on Mother’s day for a special mom and me cooking class.

We love cooking together and over the years Hamish and I have made many core memories in the kitchen. I love that he not only learns important life skills but that through cooking we get to be present, engage in conversation and deepen our bond.

Mom and me classes

Hamish has done a few of Ayesha’s classes,as he loves to be in the kitchen and hopes to one day have his own cooking show.

We have , in the last year, attended both her kids baking classes and the mom and me classes, and he loves them! ( So do I)

That smile gets bigger each time! He can’t wait to don his apron, hop in the kitchen and create a dish of deliciousness!

This Sunday we made Mother’s day cupcake bouquets using Nomu minimakes vanilla cupcake mix. Hamish may have been a bit eager and iced his hot but what he lost in melted icing he definitely made up for in sprinkles …..and they tasted AMAZING!!!

I love how attending the cooking classes have given Hamish so much confidence in the kitchen. I also love that Ayesha sets a calm atmosphere for the kids, safety is always addressed first and kids are allowed to fully engross themselves into the cooking process. From cracking eggs to piping icing. The kids ( and us moms) are given clear instructions in a step by step manner. with a lot of gentle guidance along the way.

Hamish proudly cracked open his eggs ( without dropping egg shells in this time)  and mixed all his ingredients,  even using the oven under Ayesha’s guidance by himself.

My mommy heart was bursting with pride at the level of competence my 7 year old has in the kitchen.

Waiting for the cupcakes to bake was a very impatient process, luckily we were distracted by mixing up our icing and getting ready to pipe it onto the cupcakes when done.

The Charming Chef makes her own yummolicious sprinkles and Hamish certainly had sprinkles for days on his cupcakes.

Yes, I let him ice his cupcakes warm. Yes, I let him put way too many sprinkles on and yes, I allowed him to enjoy every minute of the process.

No, our Mother’s day cupcakes weren’t perfectly decorated but we had the best fun, made the most awesone memories and enjoyed his perfectly imperfect cupcakes with a cup of hot chocolate when we got home and discussed the cool cooking class we had just attended and how he couldn’t wait to make the cupcake mix we recieved in our goody bag and how he was going to decorate them exactly the same because they were perfect.

Book a class

Ayesha hosts weekly cooking classes for kids .

Kids cooking classes 

Let the little ones get creative in the kitchen with, The charming Chef, every Sunday at 11am. In a 60minute class your little chef will make some of the most delicious baked goods. With the aim to create good food relationships and introduce your little chef to new and exciting ingredients and sometimes reintroduce them to some ingredients, the classes will alternate between sweet and savoury every week so that kids have a good balance.

While your little chef cooks and bakes up a storm with The Charming Chef parents can grab a coffee and snacks from the talented vendors at Makers Landing.

19th May – Lasagna

26th May – FunFetti Caramel surprise Cupcakes

Please Note:

Classes are parent free zones (no parents allowed).

All classes are Halaal

Kids do work with eggs and diary but try to avoid nuts as far as possible.

If your little chef has any specific allergies please let chef know so that she can try her best to accommodate them.

Book Here


Mommy & me classes 

Moms can join your little chefs in the kitchen and whip up delicious creations in these classes and create core memories with your little chef.

Please note:

  • Kids will be working with dairy, eggs and gluten.
  • One little chef per Mom to avoid over crowding of the space.
  • The class is aimed at moms with kids between the ages of 3 and 10 years old.

To enquire about the next Mommy & Me Class look here

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