Happy face mosaic

Bear and I are always trying new crafts and as a very tactile teacher I love to incorporate fun ways to teach ordinary concepts.

I am currently working on colours with bear and what better than a bright mosaic to highlight colour ?


To make your own you will need:-

📎Mosaic tiles



📎Mirror tiles

📎Wood glue

📎Paper or card.


To make your mosaic :-

📍First draw a shape with glue.

📍Next show your child how to carefully place each piece gently and next to one another on top of the glue.

📍Let them continue until the glue is covered.


You can always add more glue if your child is a slow worker.

Try to let your child complete the activity with only gentle guidance.

Teaching colours

For me this was the perfect opportunity to ask bear:

🎈 If he could identify the colour

🎈To find me another (red) bead or ( blue) tile

🎈To only stick ( green) tiles on this part.

Additional learning

Doing the mosaics also opens up discussions on:





🎗and emotions for the face design.

Obviously your child’s age, abilities and interest will determine how much learning you manage to do through this activity.

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