I missed a milestone …

I’ve been so good with bear .

I’ve recorded every milestone and made a huge fuss each month at how old he is with a massive Facebook post and an Instagram update of all the small things he’s learnt to do, the milestones he’s reached and what being that age in months means to bear.

Well I did.

Until this month ..

Two days ago my gorgeous little ginger bear turned 20 months old and life happened.

I forgot. Yes, forgot.

As in only remembered when bear was asleep and I was signing Kikis homework book and saw the date.

I could have kicked myself but as I fell asleep at 9pm again thanks to my medicine, I made a mental note to make up for it yesterday.

Well yesterday came and went. I remembered to keep everyone alive and buy a mousetrap but no where in my memory was record bears 20 month milestone.

So here I sit , two days later. Still no decent photo and still no post on his growth.

Now I know to some this may seem trivial but bear is my last child so each time he does something for the first time I do it for the last.

Each time he reaches a milestone that I know in years from now I will only vauguely remember , Im reminded that it’s the last time I will enjoy one of my children going through this phase.

Each time ….it’s my last time parenting through this milestone.

So , you see for me it’s a big thing.

I know I won’t get this chance again. I know how much I need to enjoy each phase and how fast time will pass.

I know I’m doing all this for the last time.

Bear on the other hand has no clue his mother is recording each moment in detail. He doesn’t know he turned 20 months and he most likely isn’t too phased about me forgetting.

That’s the beauty of children, even when we feel we are the world’s worst mothers they look at us with eyes of love.

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