My favourite blog to follow

The #blogbosswinterblogchallenge day 29 is my favourite blog to follow.

There are quite a few amazing local bloggers I follow and I also like some of the more well known international bloggers.

But the blog / social media account that I’m reading daily is ….

Gary Vee

Just wow! So often when Gary opens his mouth I hear my thoughts.

I love that he reiterated the need to love your life and hold onto happiness instead of idolising material possessions and chasing money.

I love that he believes you can do anything if you focus and that with the right attitude you can achieve your dreams.

Mostly I really love that he doesn’t prescribe to anyone elses beliefs and he knows that age is just a number.

I truly enjoy his blogs/ YouTube channel and social media platforms.

This man speaks my language.

If you not yet following him you can follow him Here

(All images Gary Vee Facebook page)

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