3 things I learnt from the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge

Day 30 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge is what I’ve learnt from this challenge

I’ve learnt that some of the questions were really hard to answer or explain and when setting them for this challenge I honestly thought they were easy. I believe they were harder to answer because they either required me to get honest with myself or think a little out of the comfort of topics I discuss on my blog.

I also learnt that I’m more complex than I once thought 😂 so many answers to one question and so many answers that flexibly change with my mood or hair colour 🤦

I mostly learnt that writing each day on top of my other blog writing, is not as easy as it looks as I sometimes had to catch up a day or two.

I managed to complete 30 topics of writing but they weren’t one a day. ( Which was kind of the point of the challenge) but on another note with trying to fit a post in a day I did actually manage to stay up to date with any other blog writing I wanted to schedule for this month.

So cheers to a great challenge and a huge thank you to those who took part.

You can find our ticket winner on 1 August on the website http://www.blogboss.co.za

What did you learn?

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