My life’s dream

I’m a gypsy and free soul and day 10 of #blogbosswinterblogchallenge asked me to share my life dream.

Although rather settled geographically, my creative spirit often calls for adventure and new experiences.

As a young girl I remember moving a lot. As a young adult we moved around the country extensively and it wasn’t until 5 years ago that my Gypsy spirit called for roots here in Cape Town.

So, I think if you had to ask me my life dream it would be to travel.

To constantly explore the small, lesser known areas of a town or to discover a local food. To meet with every day moms whose cultures differ and see their views on parenting.

To read books next to huge open fields and explore early morning beaches.

I always dreamed of owning one of those 1970’s kombis and just driving from one town to another….

Who knows maybe one day I will.

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