3 things I would do for no pay

Day 9 of the #blogbosswinterchallenge and I’m sharing 3 things I would do for no pay .

This is an easy one for me to answer.

I spend much of my time giving back where I can as I believe we were all given talents to share, and in this world we have enough negativity, spreading a little joy is the least we can do.

The 3 things I would and often do for no pay are :-

1. Teaching / caring for children

2. Using my skill to assist non profits/ others

3. Writing

But then I thought if time, logistics and finance were not factors what 3 things would I do just to have the experience….

Here is my list

1. Work at the Two Oceans Aquarium

Last year I signed up for the volunteer program at the Two Oceans aquarium and started my volunteer course through them but unfortunately illness got the better of me and I had to leave the program.

If I thought I loved the ocean before, I wasn’t prepared for the immense interest it would hold as I learnt more.

Examining all the microscopic creatures, seeing the baby shark and holding the sea stars just reinforced my interest, passion and protection for our oceans.

In a short span of time I learnt so much. Our aquarium is more than just a home for a multitude of fish species. Their efforts in conservation, research and education run deep.

2. Do more for the homeless

We give where we can and I know that many people have conflicting ideas about helping the homeless.

In 2014 I started assisting a group called Soupa Troopers who do amazing things to feed and assist the people on the street.

The picture above is of me dishing up soup. It was such a simple gesture, just a few hours a month but I was left a new person.

In the time that I assisted my empathy grew, my tolerance expanded and I began to live with true gratitude for my own life and struggles.

3. Read more stories to children whose parents don’t have the time

This photo was taken on an organic animal farm we stayed on in Byrne, Kwa Zulu Natal. Life was quiet and simple.

I believe in the importance of reading. From well developed imaginations and creativity to learning new skills.

I’ve also always, as a book worm, read to my children and Hamish and I read several books a day.

I’ve assisted in many library hours and volunteered hours to catagorising and mending school library books.

I think the greatest thing you can do is share a love for reading so I would happily just read to children whose parents may not have the time.

What are the 3 things you would do free?

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